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The People's Bank of China issued the 2001 Chinese panda gold and silver commemorative coins at Jan 20th, 2001. There are altogether 8 different Panda coins in this year, 6 are gold, 2 are silver.

The obverse has the Temple of Heaven in the center with Chinese characters on top saying "Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo" meaning People's Republic of China and the bottom the year of issue.

2001 1oz Silver Bullion Panda with D mark
2001 1oz Silver Bullion Panda without D mark

The reverse of the coins has the picture of the Bamboo and Panda and the face value, but the domestic version of the gold and silver coins has the additional English character 'D' to signify that it is for local distribution.

This year of Panda coins were minted separately. The domestic version were minted by Shenzhen Guobao Mint; the overseas version were minted by Shanghai Mint. 2001 Chinese Panda Gold and Silver Commemorative coins were distributed exclusively by China Gold Coin Inc. [1]


Special Commemorative Pandas

There were no special commemorative Panda coins minted for this year.

Bullion Pandas

All the sizes except the 1kg Gold and Silver 2001 Panda had a domestic version made, therefore there are at least 14 varieties of Brilliant Uncirculated 2001 Pandas.

Coin Description Material Finesse Mintage Shape Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Face Value (Yuan) Quality
1/20oz Gold Panda Gold 99.9% 200000 (100000 domestic, 100000 overseas) Round 14 0.83 20 Brilliant Uncirculated
1/10oz Gold Panda Gold 99.9% 150000 (100000 domestic, 50000 overseas) Round 18 1.05 50 Brilliant Uncirculated
1/4oz Gold Panda Gold 99.9% 100000 (70000 domestic, 30000 overseas) Round 22 1.53 100 Brilliant Uncirculated
1/2oz Gold Panda Gold 99.9% 100000 (75000 domestic, 25000 overseas) Round 27 1.85 200 Brilliant Uncirculated
1oz Gold Panda Gold 99.9% 150000 (100000 domestic, 50000 overseas) Round 32 2.70 500 Brilliant Uncirculated
1oz Silver Panda Silver 99.9% 500000 (250000 domestic, 250000 overseas) Round 40 N/A 10 Brilliant Uncirculated
1kg Gold Panda Gold 99.9% 68 Round 90 N/A 10000 Proof
1kg Silver Panda Silver 99.9% 2000 Round 100 N/A 300 Proof

The above information was obtained from various online sources [1][2].

Panda Varieties

There are no Panda varieties such as Serif, Large Date or Small Date in 2001.


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